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Micro Loans for Micro Businesses
In the Philippines

Individuals are inclined to help/give to others for a variety of reasons: some are thankful that they can afford to give; others think that giving fulfills a self-imposed ‘tithe’ – still others feel good when they give.

But ‘giving’ also has negative issues: namely, give money and it is shortly spent. The receivers can learn to be dependant on givers and giving.

That issue was expressed thousands of years ago by Lao Tzu:

"Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day.
Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime"

Starting a successful micro business is akin to teaching a man or woman to fish. An investment in a micro business helps today – but also helps the receiver tomorrow – and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Micro businesses are tiny businesses – maybe a few
employees – often only one – the owner.

Micro loans are small amounts of money needed to
get the business started – then up and operating.

The purpose of the Micro Loan Program is to help
ambitious and thoughtful individuals earn their
future Economic Independence.

Most everyone wants to own/operate their own small business.
Why don’t more people actually do it?

The truth is - many are simply too lazy to get started. They would rather sit around most of the day doing chicka-chicka – watching ‘WOWOWEE’ – and then trying to figure out where their next meal is coming from. Others simply don’t have the organizational skills or energy to operate their own small business. Operating a successful micro (or a small or larger business) is seriously HARD WORK.

But the biggest hurdle for ambitious individuals to starting their own micro business is NO ACCESS to the needed start-up/growth money.

If you are VERY serious about creating a successful micro business in your local community – get more information about Micro Loans.

Local Rotary Clubs don’t loan the money. But they may chose to help you with business counsel and planning – and then help you prepare a Loan Application through KIVA. KIVA has helped arrange financing for hundreds of thousands of micro business all over the world via the Internet – with more then 80% of existing loans going to female business people.

Maybe KIVA will consider helping you start (or expand) your own micro business – gain your Economic Independence. More Info

Your choice – Economic Independence – OR…

Begin the Planning for Your Own Micro Business
(Or Help a Friend/Relative Start Planning for Theirs)

Provide Your Contact Information

Your Name:
Prefix First Last

Your E-mail Address:

Repeat E-mail Address:

Your City Location

Other Location

BRIEF Profile of the Micro Business

The proposed micro business loan:
is for a NEW business (a proposed ‘Start-Up’)
is for an EXISTING business (seeking expansion)

TYPE of Business:

Other Type of Business

EXACTLY – who are your intended Customers – describe

Have you ever had a business loan

Yes No

Did you repay the loan on time

Yes No

Please Note: Depending on the quantity of inquiries – and depending on your location – it may take up to 30 days to receive a reply from a local participating Rotary Club in your geographic area.

Additional Readings about the importance of community-based small enterprises – especially in less then developed countries. Click





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