Rotary Helps in
The Philippines

Examples of

Dental Project
in Zamboanga

Drum & Bugle
in Cagayan de Oro

Feeding Program
in Cotabato

Artisian Well Project
in Cagayan de Oro


About Us

We’re Rotarians – creating easy-to-use standard web templates to help local Rotary Clubs in the Philippines join and use the Internet – affordably.

Local Rotary Clubs need to be able to show their Community-Help projects to the world – attract more financial support – recruit new Members – easily interface with local citizens and government officials - even start new Local Clubs.

The Philippines ‘Rotary Electronic Network’ is a new project
(June 2010) sponsored by Rotary Club SOUTH in
Cagayan de Oro - Mindanao.
Next year will be our Club's 30th Anniversary.

We have Members who have been in the Internet design and e-commerce business development in the United States for a long time – since before encryption enabled secure transactions –
almost since the ‘beginning of time’ on the web.

District Governor-Elect Manuel Ravanera – past Club President Mateo Delegencia – and Club President-Elect Richard Machinski posed the question:

How can we use the Web to affordably - electronically interconnect - Mindanao’s separate Rotary Clubs and all of their Members – and build communication bridges to the rest of the world?

That question was answered in part by this new
web activity that allows people to quickly find and review
participating Rotary Clubs throughout the Philippines.

Also see for
latest upated news about local Rotary Clubs.

Use Rotary BLOGS to communicate and participate in
local Rotary activities in

Participation is FREE.

Ongoing financial support for the ‘Rotary Electronic Network’ comes from regional and local businesses that support Rotary by advertising here. A significant portion of all advertising revenues (50%) are returned to local clubs for their community projects.

The Mindanao Rotary News Publication start-up was made possible
by a grant from two Rotary SOUTH CDO Members. Web site development and future customer service is performed by area Filipinos. The Project uses USA web servers and technology and complies with all US Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations concerning the use of the Internet



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